Planning Services

The Business Process Outsourcing service of EyeOn.

We provide robust, recurring outsourced services focused on high quality forecasting, inventory optimization and actionable end-to-end supply chain insights.

With Planning Services companies can take advantage of the best possible planning instantly, plugged-in to their existing planning tools.

Higher plan accuracy, lower inventory

We have high expertise and specific skills in statistical forecasting, inventory optimization and business planning processes.

Increased process efficiency

We offer a lean, easy to connect forecast & inventory service supported with efficient and scalable tooling.

Worry-free professional execution

We combine a robust and secure forecast & inventory service execution, with active tuning to changing business dynamics.

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Advanced analytics as-a-service

Lighten your load

Let us assist you in managing complex supply chain and planning processes. Make use of our high-quality planning and forecasting resources to get ahead.

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