Forecasting & Demand management

Forecasting & Demand Management is an essential part of business planning. Statistical forecasts provide a first step towards a reliable prediction of what the future will bring, by identifying trends, patterns, and business drivers within historic data.

Using a structured approach, statistical forecasting techniques add value by increasing efficiency, reducing resources, increasing transparency, and increasing forecast accuracy.

Planning Services boost your demand planning cycle

Planning Services offers

  • Statistical baseline forecasting: an initial forecast for regular sales, focused on mature products.
  • Promotion forecasting: helps retailers and suppliers maximize promotional effectiveness.
  • New product forecasting: dedicated forecasting to maximize availability during product launches.
  • Planning Services demand management solution: focused forecast review, enrichment & consolidation, based on Jedox technology.

3 steps to connect

Step 1 - Proof of Concept

  • Set-up product portfolio segmentation
  • Assess business characteristics & dynamics
  • Simulate statistical forecasting
  • Evaluate performance
  • Detail implementation approach

Step 2 - Design & Configure

  • Set up secured exchange of data
  • Configure forecast plugins at Planning Services
  • Configure actionable dashboards
  • Run End-to-End process tests
  • User Acceptance Test (UAT)

Step 3 – Regular execution

  • Update portfolio segmentation
  • Run & optimize statistical forecast
  • Generate alert & focus reports
  • Support continuous improvement

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