Inventory & Supply optimization

In a market with growing complexity and pressure you need to keep product availability high and inventories low. This requires a high forecast accuracy but also properly tuned inventory settings, as a forecast will never be perfect.

Actionable inventory insights and optimization techniques allow you to offer a high level of customer service with lower inventory levels. Breakdowns give full transparency on types of inventory and concrete improvement opportunities. Safety stock optimization techniques should include all important factors, like supply uncertainty, replenishment lead times and demand volatility.

Planning Services supports to keep inventories healthy

Planning services offers

  • Actionable inventory breakdown insights
  • Single echelon inventory optimization
  • Multi-stage & multi-echelon inventory optimization

3 steps to connect with Planning Services:

Step 1 - Proof of Concept

  • Segment product portfolio for inventory
  • Define optimal inventory strategy
  • Confirm inventory policies
  • Detail implementation approach

Step 2 - Design & Configure

  • Set-up secured exchange of data
  • Configure inventory plugins at Planning Services
  • Configure actionable dashboards
  • Run End-to-End process tests
  • User Acceptance Test (UAT)

Step 3 – Regular execution

  • Update portfolio segmentation
  • Validate planning parameters
  • Optimize safety stocks
  • Generate alert & focus reports
  • Support continuous improvement

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